LockJaw Carbon Plus

Lightweight Powder Performance

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Description & Specs

K2’s newest powder-puncher, the LockJaw Carbon Plus comes equipped with 100mm powder baskets, each with an updated alloy ring and urethane web that make it stronger, more flexible, and more articulate than ever before. We put our redesigned LockJaw 6000 tech to work so you can be sure these poles don’t slip out of place once adjusted. An inset inclinometer helps you keep track of slope angles so you’re making the best decisions in the backcountry.

Pole Basket:
100Mm Webbed Powder
14Mm Upper/12Mm Lower Carbon Web/Adjustable
Adventure Ultralight Eva
  • Lockjaw 6000
  • Bubble Inclinometer


  • Carbon Web

    External carbon strands are precisely laminated onto the carbon shaft creating K2's lightest weight, most durable, and stiffest shaft offered.

  • Webbed Powder Basket

    Modified to be stronger, lighter and flex easier with an updated alloy ring and urethane web that articulates like a champ in cold temps.

  • Lock Jaw 6000

    Completely redesigned with a T6 6000 series aluminum lever and body linked together with Teflon bushings to optimize clamp force with minimum lover pressure. The minimalist design achieves a reduced weight of 25% from its plastic equivalent and is the most durable, non-slip adjustment mechanism in K2 poles.

  • Bubble Inclinometer

    Quick and accurate slope angle measurement in the palm of your hand.

  • Backup Probe

    Want to check the snowpack without having to take off your pack and dig for a probe? No problem, just screw the two lower pole segments together and you have a 200cm backup probe at the ready. With gear this versatile, you're always prepared for the unexpected.

  • Utility Hook

    Stubborn boot buckles, heel risers, and walk mode levers are no match for the utility hook grip. Flip your pole over and use the notch on the front of the grip to flic, clip, pull and buckle up your gear on the fly.

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