Pushing Forward

The K2 Alliance was born from a need. A need for product that wasn’t adapted, shrunk, and painted a “cute” color. What started as an R&D Project over 20 years ago – aimed at redefining the process of creating Women’s Specific Product – grew into a global movement. The Alliance became a state of mind dedicated to connecting, growing, and empowering women everywhere through skiing. It’s a way of life through which we can connect, learn, and above all, push forward.

Alliance Member Skiing

McKenna Peterson

McKenna Peterson lives in two worlds: land and sea. With summers spent as a captain of a commercial fishing boat, and winters chasing deep pow across the mountain west, McKenna isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. McKenna has been a stalwart of the Women’s Alliance for years now, helping us develop and refine women’s specific product and filming segments with Warren Miller. But this year, she took a different route and produced her own segment.

Check out the video of McKenna shredding the Montana backcountry below.

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